For Homeowners

If there was one thing I could tell home owners about suspended garages it would be this:  Now is your only chance to do it!  You cannot change your mind and add a suspended garage after the home is built.  I can’t tell you how many homeowners I know who decide not to spend the additional money and then later regret the decision.  If money is an issue, leave the space unfinished and you always have the option of finishing it later.  It is BY FAR the least expensive square footage in your home.

In Our Services

  • We provide engineering for the building permit if required by your city or country.
  • We provide certificates of insurance and licensing for the general contractor.
  • We will counsel you in the design (size, layout, wall heights) of your garage to get the most space for your money.
  • We provide a free estimate and will show you ways to save money on your project.
  • We will give you plenty of ideas for how to use all that extra space!
  • We work with your foundation contractor to answer any questions.
  • We will come and measure your foundation to provide the best fit possible.
  • We provide and install a quality, engineered product.
  • We will continue to answer any questions regarding waterproofing; core-drilling through the slabs for wiring, pipes, flues, etc.; attaching framing or finishing the underside of the slabs; jointing the topping slab; and any other questions or concerns you may have.
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